Gilbert KIEFFER, the author


Gilbert Kieffer is born in 1953, in Strasbourg, France. He has lived in the French Island of Reunion, Indian Ocean. Spent seven years in Lima Peru, and afer living in El Salvador for six years, has moved in the Dominican Republic where he lives since 2008.


The object of his investigation is the traces of the Spirit left by active or by past and forgotten Civilizations as are the Nazca, Maya or Tainas. This signs belong to the common property, without having officially the importance it deserves. They are more than an immaterial heritage that can be photographed and labelled.


These are prayers of a Humanity elevated to the Absolute. There can be found the quintessence of the power of a Civilization. But it has no value nowadays, under

the power of the Market. This is how the soul of whole countries can be lost.

When a Civilization is about to disappear, it hasn't faith in its gods, it has lost the consciousness of its roots and the immateriality of its art.

The sublime sources that have fed the people disappear little by little.


But witnesses always remain, seninels that realize what is going on. These

witnesses translate it to their own vision, in their own rational and artistic

language, to comunicate it to the others. Saint Exupery was one of them.

His message is a sign to Mankind that lives in a sinking civilization,

without noticing it.


While living in El Salvador he meets with Consuelo Suncin's ( Antoine de Saint Exupery's wife) niece, and together they present an exhibit, of both Gilbert Kieffer's and Consuelo Suncin's artwork.

It is an important moment in Gilbert Kieffer's spiritual life, he has the feeling that in some way, with almost 70 years difference, he crosses Saint Exupery's path once again.

The first time, he walks into Saint Exuper's footsteps, was when he flights over the Andes, to Lima Peru; in the plane he reads one of the books of Saint Exupery, "Wind, Sand and Stars", and day-dreams about the epopeas of the french authors . Then, arriving in El Salvador, almost ten years later, he discovers that Saint Exupery's wife was from this tiny little country, and then by destiny he meets her family.

This book is the synthesis of decades of Kieffer's meditation on Saint Exupery's work.


A philosophical lecture of « The Little Prince », is what

Gilbert Kieffer is offering here. He is Doctor of Philosophy by

the University of Nanterre- Paris X, France. Since 1995 he has been

an active researcher and member of the « No-Philosophy » Movement.



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